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Since I was merely two years old I have been working with computers. My father showed me some basic stuff when I was young and I always wanted to get more out of the computer than just play games. When I was only 12 I started writing HTML and JavaScript and learned the PHP basics when I was 14.

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Being a huge music fan when I was a kid, I quickly started playing the guitar. Never took any lessons but still played in a band with friends. Besides guitar, I learned to play the harmonics and the blues. But I also like to experiment with some electronic waves on my Korg Electribe.

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I have been playing handball for over 12 years. Being a trainer of the youth team I have had a chance to meet certain responsibilities and work out long term plans. I'm not ready to quit playing yet although my ambitions in sports aren't that big. It's a great pass time to rid myself of any possible frustration and hang out with friends.

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